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I was doing the rounds, and I found something that may be of interest to some of ya'll. Maybe you already know, but in case you don't...TTP is having a contest for the month of December for the best custom.

Contest 2 will be for December. It will be a customs contest for customizers. Design a car, truck, motorcycle, combination or whatever else you want in the diecast relm. The only stipluation is that it be TTP related. You can use the current logo, or make one up. Winner will receive cash and credits and have their winning custom displayed on the home page along with a personal story and info. on making their custom. It will be a feature article to run the entire month of January.
More details on timeframes for entering, rules etc. to follow.
Which can be found by going to the TTP home page and looking on the right for the article about coming contests:

Now, I want to be clear I have no financial interest in TTP, and I have no ties other than I recently listed a few things for sale there. I get nothing out of this. It is just something I saw and thought might be a cool opportunity for the people who like to do customs. You get a chance to do what you like to do and maybe get a little something for your trouble and some recognition and exposure for your work.

Good luck to anybody who gives it a shot!

Mods, I hope this is an acceptable thread submission. If not I apologize and please delete this thread. I just thought it was a good opportunity for some of the really talented people that hang out around here.
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