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The second round of the Benelux Championship was at Kampanhout Belgium last weekend where Bruno ‘Elvo’ Heremans won in convincing style with his X-6 Squared with X-Factory cars occupying the top four spots on the grid. Elvo won qualifiers 1 and 3, taking third in #2 when rain drenched the track in the last minute of his TQ run, that secured pole position for the Belgian driver.* All weekend the weather was variable, with rain off and on.* Heremans said, “My set-up worked well in the wet, the dry, and everything in between, and it was dead neutral and very fast.* A-1 was dry-ish. I was on dry tires and drove off. I did the same in A-2 and sat out the last one.” John Debacquer qualified and finished second with his X – 6 Squared, winning A-3 after some exciting racing with Nicolas Risser’s SV2.* John beat Nick in A-1 by just 0.4 seconds.

Source: X-Factory [xfactoryrc.com]

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