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Congratulations!! Awesome find!!

My $5 find was an AFX TOMY "Ghost Racer" set complete and an AFX TOMY "Speed Hook Challenge" set. The ad in the paper said they had 4 slot car sets for sale. Two were slot car and the others were Hot Wheels sets. Someone was there the day before looking and left them when they opened the Ghost Racer set and the cars and "computer" were missing. Thats because they were in the Speed Hook set.
One of my favorite garage sale finds (years ago) was when I asked if they had any slot cars, the gal said no and the guy said he had a set in the basement. She went in and brought out an AFX set box. He asked if I would pay $20 for it. I said I'll look at it and see. All we could see was track. I asked where the cars were, he didn't know. I got the set for $5. When I got home I found there was false bottom in the box and all 30 cars were in there! A mix of AFX and T-Jets.

1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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