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Captain Fred said:
Thanks guys!

I love & collect slotcars, but when I saw what these might go for I decided to let them go. Money has been so tight since I stepped down from a supervisor position at my old job. They also cut my pay substantially, cut my hours and took away my full time status. I've been lucky to find something else that I can make more money at, but the new job won't be in full swing until the middle of this month.

I was extatic to find them, but I actually prefer the newer style track anyway. I typically would have kept the cars, but I have 2 kids about to start school. Clothing, glasses, dentist visits, the 1:1 cars needing attention, we really need the extra supplement right now. I'm thinking about liquidating some of my newer stuff too.
Hey man, I totally understand. I'm pretty much self employed (I work with my father doing construction) so I know what it's like to need the extra $$$. I plan on blowing out alot of my non-essential items from my vast toy collection here very shortly.......I'm going to do a major downsizing...(I'm keeping my Star Wars collection,diecast,slot cars, and a few other minor things) all of the $$$ will pretty much go to paying bills,repairing 1:1 cars, and taking care of lifes other needed things......somewhere in the middle of all of that I want to peel off enough $$$ to build my table and begin working on my layout. :lol:
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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