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I came up with a simple concept for an rc vehicle, its a boat that eventually will be anphibious.

i dont know that much about batteries, so i found some stuff that approximately matches, but i could use some help from those who have put together their own systems. Im looking for a very low price for parts that i can use in this and other projects.

Im looking for a good 16oz of motor force, a powerful servo preferably, or 2 weaker ones.
And a cheap 3-6 channel radio.

What i found on Hobby Lobby is this:
Motor: Graupner Ecofold 600, 7.2V ..... $ 23.90

Radio/Reciever: E-Sky 4 Channel Transmitter & Receiver Set,
72 mHz ..... $ 51.40

Servo: Hitec HS-322 Standard Servo ..... $ 10.90

So My questions are, will those parts actually work with each other?
And what battery will match that reciever and motor.
Thanks for any help, any changes can be made as long as it stays preety low priced, if it doesnt have enough power to push my stuff then ill redesign it and use this stuff somewhere else. I would just like to have the gear around so i can use it.

If your interested in the idea, i made a wooden boat, its kinda boxy but it floats, im gonna put this prop on top of it on a rotating cylinder, a servo will rotate that and in effect will turn the boat, although it may not be very controllable i think itl be the silly effect im looking for being my first RC creation for a preety low price. I may eventually add the effect of it being anphibous by adding 2 swivel wheels and 2 straight wheels, allowing it to float around on the ground...

thanks again for any help you can offer.
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