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Try P B Blaster Penetrating Catalyst. It's available at Home Depot or auto parts stores. It's similar to WD40 but WAY better for loosening rusty frozen bolts. If all you can get is WD40 then at least try it. Whatever you use spray it on and let it soak overnight and try reapplying several times.

Also if everything in the area of the frozen bolt is metal you could try some heat from a propane torch. Try to aim the heat at the outer metal to make it expand more than the bolt to help loosen it enough where a wrench can break the rust. CAREFUL - if you sprayed any chemicals on it they could ignite!! Also some taps on the head of the bolt straight in line with the length of the bolt with a hammer might help break some rust, but tread carefully so as not to distort anything. Don't hammer side to side - you'll just bend the bolt.
<disclaimer> I am not a mechanic, but these tips have worked for me.
Good Luck!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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