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I'm sure that at one time or another we have a visit from the parts gremlin. After a long time of putting it off i decided to try to put together the Big E. I know that I can never do as good as job as most of the fine modelers here. What ever I can come up with will good enough for me.

I will be using many of the ideas that have been suggested here to do the best job that I can. Although I will not be lighting it up I still want it to look good enough for display. I have primed everything and I am now filling in all the cracks between the joints.

I haven't decided whether keep the shuttle bay doors open or close yet. It depends how well the hanger comes out. With the thickness of the plastic windows the officers lounge and arburetum will not need to be detailed out too much.

Which brings me to the reason I started this post. While putting the saucer together I found that I had a visit from the parts gremilns. I seem to be missing part #201 (A deck air lock).

Does anyone have one or can make one for me? I attached a pic of what piece I'm missing.


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