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With all the last minute details and CHANGES (lol) with Fest. I have lost my notes as to what all the early bird prizes were. I know the winners and two of the prizes but can someone recap it for me?:freak:

Ron Easton 1st place
Tammy Romanowski 2nd
Scott Glasgow 3rd.

getting old is hell!


Congrats to the winners of the Early Bird Contest.

First Prize - Extra LightningFest Dinner grab bag.
Ron Easton

Second Prize - Pink Slip Racer.
Tammy Romanowski

Third Prize - LightningFest Camaro Pace Car.
Scott Glasgow

All prizes will be handed out at the dinner. Previous unpaid reservations are now void. All new reservations will be taken as a first paid, first reserved basis.

Thank you

Mark Hosaflook

You Old Fart!!!
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