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ok so here is the story. back in 1995 (I was 8) I lived next to an old man whoroo owned a duplex. One day he called me over and said he had something for me. When I walked in the room there was 6 big boxes sitting in the living room. Come to find out his tenant at the duplex just randomly up and left, so here I was presented with 6 boxes of sports cards. When we brought them home my parents did not let me touch and said not until I am older.. probably because I would have thrown them everywhere...

Well now is 2015 and I have a son of my own. While in my parents attic getting their christmas totes down I stumbled upon 6 Totes of sports cards that I have forgotten all about. So I have looked a little through them and pulled out a few big names I knew of and surprisingly beckett shows 1$ here, 10$, 20$ ect....
Im not saying they are all worth that each but that is what I saw.

Now I am not looking to save these cards because I never really collected them. Instead I would like to try and get rid of them and put all the money towards a college fund for my 19month old son. I want to do this asap to gain as much intrest as I can for him instead of waiting.

the cards are as follows

1970-1993 Baseball
1984-1992 hockey
1986-1992 football
1987-1991 basketball
1988-1992 racing

now alot of these cards are in rookie card sleves
alot of boxes that are marked series 1 sets
but what really caught my eye was this persons love for nascar....
every nascar card is in mint prestine condition in binders, he even had the race card collectibles mags in plastic in the binders.
I did look up the pricing and was surprised seeing the cards are so mint that it looks like they floated into the sleves without being touched.
the years are 88,89,90,91,92 Maxx race cards
1992 traks

alot of multiples, checklists never touched, and front cards and other cards in those sets also.
All together I would say I have about 22-25,000 cards.
If there are any serious buyers that would be interested in this lot please contact me, otherwise they will be sitting back up in the attic.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ONLY serious inquiries, from serious collectors only please. I dont not mind answering any questions you have.... but being young with two children I would not want to take my time away from my children for nonsense.
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