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You lucky dawg, Those are in fine shape! :thumbsup: A fastback stang without butchered rears is a score and the red candy cobra daytona looks reasonably unscathed. An uncut, uncrushed camaro too?! You got a hattrick without even including the black J car. The others look great as well. I would definately clean these up, pull the gawd awful dimple wheels off, and return these to their factory appearance. Like Dave said, add the rear silicones, check and true or replace those surely flat spotted fronts. I just got a sweetheart deal on a gob of stock T-jet wheels and tires from "win 43" (Jerry). LMK if any or how many you need. Bill. PS: Busters just foolin ya! The only cure is death :drunk:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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