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help identify 58 corvette

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Hi guys and gals,

long time reader first time poster,

I just picked up a couple of 58 Corvettes from the new series, one has chrome 5 spoke wheels and one has the old type white wall tires and rims. As I have seen the whites are actually white, is this just a variation?
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Yes, it's a variation, 50 percent plastic wheels, 50 percent rubber wheels, which is what you have.
Welcome to HobbyTalk! Geralde61 is right about the variation. Heck he's the president of the White Lightning Liberation Movement He'd better!
Welcome aboard this place is a great source of information and its packed full of good people keep on posting :wave: im Rob aka chevy263
Welcome to the board, parkerspop! :wave:
Looks like you got a quick answer to your question here. I had both versions but decided to return the mag wheel one as I have plenty of '58 Vettes.
Post often! :thumbsup:
- Mark
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