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hELLO EVERYBODY! I am new to the site and so far i've enjoyed what i have seen and read!
I have had this car for some time now and have looked through all of MY reference book's ( O'Brien,Hucthison/Johnson,Gardiner/Morris,Etc.)and have come up stumped ! Closet thing is construction of early STRUTO mainly the Cadilacs (6.1/4in.long,mine is 6in.)but those appear to only be look a-likes.
If yo look at pics you can see hole's for a roof,And in the front (interior)there is a "stick" where a steering wheel may go(?)

Any help in solving this for me will be greatly appreciated!!! THANK YOU ALL!

Appear's to be aluminum,Maybe pewter? bottom chassis is duller looking.Body and chassis seperate,Attached by rivet's.


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