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Hello! My fiance has a small collection johnny lightning die cast cars, that he doesn't want anymore. He'd like to get rid of them but doesn't think anyone wants them. So I guess I'd like to see if any of them are of value/sought after before they go to our nephew(to jump on this hot wheels track lol). All are still in original packaging, although some of the packaging isn't in perfect shape.
Here's what we have:
Johnny lightning Classic Gold collection:
1968 custom AMX #13
1969 AMC AMX
1969 custom AMX #10
1969 Hurst sc/rambler #10
1969 Hurst sc/rambler #12
1996 viper GTS

dragsters USA:
69 drag-on lady

Muscle cars USA:
1970 AMC Rebel machine collector no. 9
1970 AMC Rebel machine collector no. 33
1970 AMC Rebel machine collector no. 35 (we have 2)

Street freaks:
1970 AMC Rebel machine (also have 2)

Hot rods:
Rumbler collector no. 5
Rumbler collector no. 11
Rumbler collector no. 23
Rumbler collector no. 36
Rumbler collector no. 43

Thanks for any help and input!!!!!

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Are any of them White Lightnings ... ?

(Having two things about the car that are white in color, like the body or base paint,
wheels and interior).


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The best place to see a current value is to go to ebay and look at their sold listings for these castings. :cheers2:

The AMC models will have a following anywhere you take them.

If you dont want to search or take the time to sell them though just give them to the nephew. :thumbsup:
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