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My name is Trevor and I usually visit the other sections on Hobby Talk.

My wife Julie and I own a hobby store in High River, Alberta, Canada named Monster Hobbies.

We are new to slot cars and I just recently picked up a huge box of 1/32nd scale 1966 Strombecker track from one of my wholesalers. I'm keeping it for a store display and to run slot car racing nights/weekends in the future.

We are also looking at running a 1/25th scale slot car drag race course and we're in the process of building it. It's 24 feet long and 2 lanes wide. (A foot)

I am also converting some Lindberg 1/32nd scale cars into slot cars and running into some interesting challenges with their performance on the track. One of these is the massive tail slides the cars run into with (Or sometimes without) magnets on the bodies.

I am also running into challenges with scratchbuilding the plastic frames for the cars. We're using Monogram slot car parts on home made chassis and this can run into difficulties with fit and so on.

Looking for tips and tech on 1/32 - 1/25th. Hopefully you guys can help.

Thank you!

Trevor Ursulescu
Monster Hobbies.


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Darn,you gotta get north of the city,i'm in Airdrie,lol:wave:

Where abouts in High River are you Trevor
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