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Hello Sorry Have Not Been Around Lately

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Hey all sorry I have not been around as much as I am normally but with work, the fire, and some personnel issues I have not really had much time or energy lately. This weekend I plan on adding a bunch of pictures of what I have added over the past month.

But here is a teaser of one of the additions that I made this past month.

This is by Code 3 Collectibles and the smudges etc are one of a kind and each model is special. I also plan on adding the ladder truck version as soon as I can find it.

The following is from the Code 3 Website.

Please note that each model has been "weathered" to appear as if returning from a hard fought fire. The "dirty" look is intentional. Each model is unique.

This model is the first in a series of Valiant Service Models that depict the hard working Rigs of a bygone Era. In the 1970s many of the Companys in the FDNY were tasked to constant calls and worked long hours battling many blazes in the War Years of civil unrest. This model is an authentic replica of the FDNY Engine 75 from the Bronx of that Era and has all the original E-75 markings, but has the added detail of returning from hard fought fires that were the norm for the time.

Engine 75 was first organized on December 25, 1901 as combination Engine Company 75, with a horse drawn 4th size steamer, a horse drawn wagon and a horse drawn city service ladder truck carrying a 50 foot hand raised extension ladder. They became a regular engine company on May 15, 1907, when Hook & Ladder Company 33 was organized to take over the operation of city service ladder truck. Their first firehouse was at 2283 Jerome Avenue, Bronx, where they remained until July 31, 2000 when Engine 75, Ladder 33 and Battalion 19 moved to their new and current quarters at 2175 Walton Avenue, Bronx. They are part of the 19th Battalion of the 7th Division and have been one of the busiest engines for many years. In 2008, they led all of the FDNY engine companies in runs with a total of 5,395.

The apparatus depicted in this Code 3 model is that of Engine 75's 1978 Mack model C611F 1000 gpm Pumper, with FDNY registration number MP7832. This was one of forty identical 1978 units delivered. It first entered service on April 5, 1979, replacing a 1972 Mack 1000 gpm Pumper. It served at Engine 75 until replaced on March 9, 1984, by a 1983 American LaFrance 1000 gpm Pumper. It then became a part of the reserve fleet and designated as Reserve 505. It was disposed of on January 13, 1989.
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