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hello from new member

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Hi everyone. New member here.
Has anyone heard when the next Kday is?
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Welcome. Sorry, we don't have K Day. Heck, we don't even have K Mart!
They closed the only KMart we have.
What is Kday?
KDay is a periodic Hot Wheels event put on by KMart, where collectors show up bright and early - often with every family member they have. Everyone takes a number, and numbers are randomly chosen to open up cases of new Hot Wheels. Some people go, others don't bother.

That's generally how it goes, so I'm told. The KMart near me has always been too lazy to participate KDay, even though they advertise it oddly enough.
Welcome to the forum !
The next Kmart Collector Day Event is September 15th.
The mail-in will be the '56 VW Drag Beetle and for November the '66 Dodge A-100.
:thumbsup:welcome mate no matter what u wanna know the guys on here will be able to help u out...
What is a mail in? Do you have to register or anything for these or just show up?
Welcome to hobbytalk.com hwheels. the next k-day is september 15th. the mail-in will be the custom 56 volkswagen drag beetle. the mail-ins are for us people to go to that store that is doing the mail-in. We have to buy 20 mainline blister cars. then you have to open them up you keep the cars. But you have to send to mattel the 20 blister cards. the cash register receipt. And you have to get a 3.50$ money order. and you have to get a envolelope to send that stuff in to mattel inc in east aurora New York. The next mail-in is in july at toys r us. And it is the Dairy Delivery. Which i will be sending the stuff in so i can get a Dairy Delivery in the mail. So I can put it in my hotwheels collection.:wave::thumbsup:
Here is one of last years mail in that you got for your $3.50.:)
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Here is one of last years mail in that you got for your $3.50.:)
If you're not much of a mainline collector, it's kind of a scam with the 20 proofs of purchase necessary, on top of the $3.50. But I've seen mail-in cars on Ebay for not much more, so that's also an option.
Nice blown delivery congrats.:wave::thumbsup:
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