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Hello Everyone !!
I'm A New guy here.
I'm from Boston but have been in Saintpete,Fla. 9 years.
I had three heart attacks last year and now am on disability.
And I'm driving my wife nuts,as I used to never be home.
(3Jobs.down to none).
So now i'm disabled with a head full of knowledge and decided to
Start fixing lawnmowers in the garage for something to do .
and to make a few dollars here and there.
So Ive been posting for free lawnmowers on craigs list and people have been wonderful.
NOw heres my problem.I have a B&S 123K02 lawn mower engine that i got from a guy the other day.when i got it.It needed a pull cord and the engine
brake was tied open as the cable is off.Well when i get these mowers they are
pig styes thank god:) and I clean them up.When i got this machine home
i started it after puting some fuel in it.And it started as the guy said it would.
after cleaning the tank out ,rebuilding the carb,cleaned all the debris from the fins etc. and cleaned the flywheel and magneto.After reassembly the motor
wont stay running she poops if i put starter fluid in carb but wont stay running.
I had to order a govenor spring and a pull cord,got the cord waiting for the spring.When i pull the cord the motor kicks back like a mule.Is that caused from not having the spring? I took a course in jr.high 30 years ago.Cant remember everything!!!!she want to run, almost took my finger nail off when she kicked.Hey sorry so long winded this is first post .Thanks for reading.
More to come STEVEN......

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First welcome to the forum;
The kick back is either, you have a partially sheared flywheel key or you do not have the blade installed, the blade acts as a flywheel. Have a good one. Geo
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