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I've been reading all your posts on this site and have really enjoyed them. I'm just starting a new layout and your posts have been a real help! Thanks to all of you.

Saab Guy

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to link pics that show up....some may know this but, some may not??

Saab Guy,

Hey that is great another HobbyTalker! Yeah this place rocks.

If you need a free picture server go to Photobucket.com to load up pictures and then as you scroll over the picture 4 HTML links will show in boxes. click on the last one and then copy to paste it in to your discription.

Like this....

Here is what the link will look like but, I am going to remove in front now to make the HTML appear.


When you copy the link off of Photobucket it will not be this long and will show up pasted in your reply before you post it.

You can mess around with it first by posting and then hitting Preview Post before hitting Submit Reply. :wave:

Bob...we love pics...zilla
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