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Round 3 of the 200mm IC Track Norwegian Nationals was held in beautiful Valdres with the weather forecast for this weekend was rain. On Saturday during qualifying it was raining heavily and it was Helge Johannessen that took the pole position in front of current Norwegian Champion Georg Ellingsen. In the final it stopped raining for a while, but that wouldn’t last long. Georg and Helge were battling for the first place when Georg choose to change tires on lap 92. Helge gained a lead of 3 laps and maintained it to the finish. After technical control of the cars. We found out the both Helge and Georg had driven so hard on their rubber rain tires that they was totally useless and almost driving on the rim.

Standings after finals:
1. Helge Johannessen – Shepherd V12
2. Georg Ellingsen – Xray
3. Kai Hogden – Xray
4. Thomas Holmesland – Shepherd V12
5. Andre Roine – Xray
6. Roger Larsen – Xray
7. Espen Fjeldvar – Shepherd V12
8. Espen Myhre – Xray

Thanks to Thomas Holmesland for the report.

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