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Just picked up the Shelby Cobra Vs Ford GT tonight. It is truely one sweet set. TRU is selling for $9.99. Saw the Olds as well but skipped it on this go around.
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I found a GT/Cobra set today at TRU, nice but $10 was a bit much considering it's the same price as the 5 packs were, (2 1/2 times the cost :confused: ) anyway still glad to find one,

Bill :dude:
Yeah, but for ten dollars, you get a really neat pack....... er, it looks like a little toy tool b... um, it's got cars with different col..... aahhh, well, the stripes are differ......

Ya know, it's people like you with logic - pointing out that we're getting three less cars for the money - that are ruining this hobby!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
*stomps off in anger* :p
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