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Nuther Dave is on the right path.

Santa is getting ready for his busy season and doing a little trip just for our group. He will be sending some special cars in your direction. YOU....... are needed to produce these cars as all the Elfs are off on Vacation, the next 10 weeks. Here is what we ALL need to do to help Santa out!

Santa’s "trimming down" Exchange

You can all enter regardless of your skillset.

This is for all of us who love painting, remodeling, chopping, hacking, decaling and resin casting cars to share with others.


1. Cars are to be HO scale.

2. Cars need to have a running chassis (not a speed demon, but a complete one that can make a lap around the track ).

3. Body must be unique, anything from painted/decaled, to custom resin.
NO "straight out of the box" cars.

4. Send $6 for return priority shipping with delivery confirmation. This can be cash, check, or money order sent with your car. (NO PAYPAL PLEASE)

5. When you send your car, add your HobbyTalk name in the box. That will make things much easier for me.

6. This Rule is not set in stone, but I will try to send like for like. EXAMPLE: If you send a TJet, I will try to make sure you get a TJet, Tyco for Tyco, resin molded for resin molded, etc. Be aware that this CANNOT always be accomplished.

7. Deadline for me to receive cars: July 21st. Late responders' cars will be kept by Santa!!!! I cars shipped by July 28th.

Please send them to:

Rob White
6700 Aylesworth Ave
Lincoln, Ne 68505
Black Oxxpurple

Please do not send any cars until after July 4th.

So, let’s have some fun and start to get busy making a car to exchange!!

Thanks for everyone who is going to participate, and lets have some fun.

Oxx - Rob

Those that are in to Exchange a CAR!

Black Oxxpurple
Harold Sage
Eastside Johnny
Bubba 123

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Am just thinking of my build in the form of One Kicker of a Cereal Box Prize...

I'll do it...as long as it can be something Wild, Crazy and Nut like.:freak:

Bob...Home of the Two Scoops per box...zilla
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