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Have you seen this JL corvette? bone stock racing

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It's new to me...didn't know it exsisted...anyone have any info about this?

The pic is borrowed from the auction sale at the toy peddler
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He was on here a few times posting links to his website where he had them for sale.

Try a google search for bone stock racing maybe??
That's me. It is an exclusive car made for us, there are 5000 of them, no WL versions as there was a mix up when the initial order was made. The white and black Z06's will be arriving in Feb and there are white lightning versions of those.

"Bone stock racing" was snaked out from underneath us, however Bonestockcollectibles is where you find us.

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i just ordered 3 last week cant wait for them to get here
We need a yellow 2006-2007 C6 Z06 version
Never seen it... Looks pretty nice to me!!!

Thanks much to everyone for the info they added to this thread :wave:

There's alot of knowledge around here :)
Got three in the mail today.
Two arrived with perfect cards.
I bought two for my personal collection and one for a gift.
MY cards will be the perfect ones
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