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Hasbro was founded in 1923, by the Hassenfiled brothers in Providence, Rhode Island. Primarily known for its board games, they have had a variety of different toy brands over their production history and several of them have made diecast vehicles.

In 1976, Hasbro's Aviva Toy Company issued a series of "Peantus" vehicles with Tomica.

In the early 1980s, a series of "Muppets" vehicles were made.

In the late 1980s, the produced a series called "Road Hogs".

When they purchased Tonka, they also aquired Kenner at the same time. In the 1990s, the Kenner division of Hasbor issued a "Batman Series". Some feel these were actually made by Yat Ming, but remains unconfirmed. A similiarity is noted between Yat Ming's 1950s Buick and the Riddler Buick. Also a Yat Ming Firebird was used in an unnamed Kenner promotional.

The 1994, "Go-Bots" transformer series was made by Takara.

In 1997, a NASCAR series called "Winner's Circle" was issued and initially brand labeled as Kenner-Parker, before changing over to Hasbro. In 2000, Hasbro dropped the Kenner brand from their holdings and the "Winner's Circle" line up was sold to Action Performence.

Known Winner's Circle Series

1997 Stock Car Series
Cool Customs - reimagined customs of famous driver's of the era and their cars as classic NASCAR vehicles.
Dale Earnhardt Lifetime Series - a 12 car series
Darrell Waltrip 25th Anniversary - a 6 car series
Deluxe Race Hood Series
Jeff Gordon Lifetime Series
NFL Collection
Pit Pass Preview
Stock Car Series
Toys 'R' Us Special
Winner's Circle License Plate Collection - a NASCAR series that came with a large license plate in each blister card.

In the 1990s, Hasbro acquired Larami, but no diecasts were made under the Larami brand.

In 2001, the made a series of vehicles as a tie in to the Jurasic Park III movie. They also liscensed Maisto to make a series of "GI Joe' castings.

In 2002, the worked with Disney to produce a 12 character cars for their "Wild Racers" series. These were issued in (2) packs.

Hasbro now also owns the Micro Machine, OddzOn, and Tonka brands.

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