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Hartoy was established in 1982, by Elliot Harrowe in Florida. Harrowe was a former Lesney Matchbox executive. Their first marketing job was to be the American distributor for Lledo's Days Gone "Fantastic Set O' Wheels" established by one of the founders of Matchbox John "Jack" W Odell.

Hartoy marketed - under license with Hershey Chocolate, Domino's Pizza and Coca Cola, a series of diecast promotionals using Corgi and Welly castings.

In 1988, company ownership changed over to Phil Shaffer and the larger scale Solido models were added to to their distribution network.

In 1990, a 1:64 scale series of older tractor-trailer rigs range called "American Highway Legends" (AHL) was introduced featuring Ford, GMC, Kenworth and Mack models.

In 1993, current Kenworth and Mack models were also being made by Hartoy and known as "Precision Engineered Models" (PEM) models. The AHL and PEM lines eventually became a part of Tonkin Replicas family of brands in 2003.

An unspecified relationship with Irwin Toys is noted but not explained by The Diecast Encyclopedia.

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