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I would like to wish all of my QuarterScale Racing Brethren and Safe and Happy Memorial Day.

Please take a moment and remember why we have this day off and what it truly means.

Today is the day we remember ALL of our Brothers and Sisters SERVING in the Unites States Armed Forces. It is these brave souls that protect our way of life, our boarders and allow us the very FREEDOMS we all take for granted too often. Some of those BRAVE SOULS have paid the ultimate price in giving their life so that you and I can live in the GREATEST COUNTRY on the planet. We have freedoms that some can only dream of.

So take a minute, give thanks to those that provide us the safety and freedom to be able to play race-car driver on the weekends.

When you see a member of our ARMED FORCES, take a second, shake their hand and tell them "Thank you for your service".

So, from me to all of our Service Men and Women, I thank you for your service. God Bless, keep your head down and your eyes open and come home safe.

Scott Harper
QSAC #1984
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