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Hallmark Cards is based in Kansas City, Missouri and was founded in 1910 by Joyce Hall. They are best known for their line of greeting cards and chain of gift stores, but has also marketed a few lines of diecast and related products along the way.

In the 1980s, they marketed a series of diecasts called "Road Rovers". These were a series of novelty type painted diecast made in China that came in window boxes with an urban scene behind them. These had been origially issued by LJN.

They have also issued many resin cast vehicles in their Christmas Ornament collection featuring varous brands of die cast replicas such as Hot Wheels, NASCAR, and Tonka. As well as their own in house designs.

In 2002, Hot Wheels offered a promotional diecast of their Sooo Fast Custom as a Hallmark liveried casting in a special presentation hanging card box.

A few years back, they also introduced a line of diecast pedal cars in various scale sizes.

Binngy and Smith, a division of Hallmark Cards, once owned Revell-Monogram as well.

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