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well went to big lots and started looking around the toy section. and saw these lil trucks called mini transporters. there kinda squished up size wize but still look cool and one of them was a tow truck so i bought them 4 bucks for 4.
lil firther down was a snow mobile. ski doo 1:12 looks great then figured it was gonna be at least 14 bucks then found the sticker...wow only $ 1.49 this baby came home with me. lol
then the wife comes around the corner holding a big box and hands it to me and says is this a good price. its a 230 pc dremal set with everything for $30.00....thats cheap and in the cart it goes :thumbsup:.
then i get over to the tool section theres a square box at the end of the isle and on the end of the box is a price tag of $ 13.00 so i pull it down to se whats in it and its a work mate... wooo this is going home with me :wave:

moral of the story is... sometimes ya win and other time ya don't. today i was lucky :dude:
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