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guide pin

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hi guys,
having trouble finding a guide pin for the older life-like chassis
its the one that holds the axle in place.
any ideas?
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Try Bob at BADL Hobbies or Jim at JAG Hobbies or Bob at Lucky Bob's.




Incidentally, the M-car guide pins are a very good thing to have around if you run Tomy Turbos or Tomy SRTs. The front axle holes on those chassis can get loose and because they pop in from the top they can get dislodged while running the car or in a wreck. The M-car guide pin fixes this problem very nicely. I use them on my SRT race cars. If you're going to order some, consider getting some spares.
How many do you need? I just did a trade with TCR Russ and got 5 extras with some spare parts. I do not need any extras and will be happy to share the wealth of Russ' generosity.

AKA LeeRoy98
now that's what I'm talkin 'bout.
thankyou leeroy!
but i already ordered some:(
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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