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On our way back from Rock-Hill we stopped by to check out the facilities at the Lakeside track and the concrete track.

Unfortunately the concrete track is in such a state of disrepair I doubt anyone would be willing to get it race ready for just one event. That is a shame that that track is no longer in use, it looks to be very smooth and have plenty of grip.

Although the track itself would only take a few hard days labor the driverstand is not so good. I was not about to climb it seeing as I had no idea how the elements and critters had effected the wood. I really did not want to ride home in a cast. ;)

But the Lask-side track. Now that place is cool. I think it would make for some really good 1/10th scale Nitro Pan racing. We walked the track and I told Tim, "well you kn ow what I have to do..." I headed back to the trailer and got out the Rock-Hill car, fuled it up and set it down. No changes, just ran it as is. The track had plenty of grip even after having been rained on as much as it has been. I can only imagine how it is once there are several cars on it laying down a nice groove.

I hope we make that trip next season. That one I would not mind the drive for.
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