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69Stang said:
Having never been to fest ( yep, I had allways said "next year"...) I to have been a little unclear of the events. Someone help me out here.

The custom contest car I understand, last year we recived one for the custom charity auction. So fill me in on the three others.

ET Racer - Timed event? Fastest car wins? Race with this car, or recive this car?

Pink Slip Racing - Heads up drag racing? Race with this car, or recive this car for racing?

Rocket 500 Champion - I have no idea? There are 70 champs?

Lpgeoteacher said:
Timed heads up racing just like at the strip. Geralde61 is looking for quick reaction times and a fast car. If you get matched up against a Fest car beat it you win it. Last year he also had "Special" Try again castings in a special box.

PSR or Pink Slip Racing Straight ahead speed is needed! Not dependant on reaction time. Fact car wins. Beat a Fest PSR and it is yours.

Rocket 500 is a catagory for Toppers and Topper remakes. They have a hook on the bottom of the car that allows them to be "Shot" around a track by a lever. Good reaction time is critical here.
I hope this helps.

OK, not an entirely correct answer, but Chris was trying, he has not been to a Fest yet either

ET Racing or grudge racing, you and a buddy race each other to get bragging rights, (or if you are alone, you can race a car the event sponsor has) and the winner got to pick a car in a clear box from a closed cardboard box, it was either one of the ET Racing prize cars or a car that simply said TRY AGAIN and was a current JL release regular car. All ETs were tracked and at the end of the festivities, the lowest ET won the prize which included a 1/24 scale WL last year

Gravity Racing is a track that starts at about 7' high and runs 45' feet I believe, both cars are started at the same time with a release handle and cars are entered into 16 car brackets - 15 contestant cars and 1 PSR car, if you draw the PSR and beat it, it is yours. All winners end up in single elimination to get an overall champion. Past prizes for 1st and 2nd place have included Mirror Topper Ferraris and El Caminos, WL Shelby's and the like

Rocket 500 racing is done like the Gravity Racing with brackets and winners moving up, but each bracket winner gets the Champion car and then the overall winner gets what prize the sponsor comes up with

The Charity Auction cars are made specifically to sell to raise money for the ADDWC Charity

The Customs Contest cars are made for prizes and awards to the entrants who make some really sweet customs to show their skills

Hope this answered the questions?
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