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The German National EP buggy Championships were held last weekend for the Modified and Stock classes in Leipzig. The event started on a dusty and loose track, with grip being difficult to extract. After qualifying in the Modified class, it was Benjamin Groschel that had dominated proceedings with his Durango DEX410, taking TQ in three of the five rounds securing pole position with Yokomo driver Joern Neumann in 2nd another Durango, that of Martin Achter in 3rd. In the Stock class it was Durango driver Ebi Beck that took three of the five rounds of qualifying to lock out his pole position for the main event.

The 4wd finals saw Benni dominate the finals as he had in qualifying, even allowing for a small mistake at the start of leg one, he still had the raw speed to make up the difference over the seven minute final. Martin stepped-up his game from qualifying taking two 2nd place finishes in legs two and three to secure 2nd overall, whilst 3rd spot went to Joern Neumann. In Stock class Ebi Beck dominated legs one and three to take the National Stock Championship title.
Source: Durango [team-durango.com]

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