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Greenlight - Ford go Racing! Full Story Inside

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Dateline-Detroit Michigan
By Staff Writer

In light of recent downward sales performance, Ford Motor Company (NYSE:FOMOCO) Announced the return of factory supported racing in the Sports Car Club Of America.

According to a company spokesman, This is the first time Ford has official backed an entry into the SCCA in over 20 years. As outlined in a statement released Thursday, Ford feels the mass appeal of the SCCA (The longest running motorsports sanctioning body in the US) would be the best avenue to reconnect more performance buyers with the recently retooled Mustang.

Though Ford won the 2005 Grand Am series with the newly designed platform, company executives feel the SCCA series will offer more opportunity to stave off declining sales numbers suffered since the third quarter of 2006.

It was announced that renown road racing veteran Dorsey Schrader would emerge from his driving retirement to wheel the new team. Schrader, a well know TV racing commentator, won the SCCA championship from 1993 through 1996 in Ford's Motorcraft backed Mustangs.

****** :p OK, I made it up, but it sounded pretty good did'ent it? I don't even have any idea if the facts were close, but that is the beauty of lying, just sound like you know what your talking about! :freak:

This is my Favorite Greenlight custom yet! I love race cars in general, road racing in particular and Mustangs above all. So I just combined them all together to create this realistic looking car that never was!

It all started with the fat, tall profile rubber found on the new 06' Yellow GT Convertible. I first dropped them on the White Shelby with the intentions of making a drag car, but the look just called me to go another direction! I removed all Shelby markings and made it back into a GT but I liked the Shelby hood and decided to leave it.

Thanks for the long read, but I had a blast with this one, and I wanted to have a little fun with all my Stang loving friends out there. Come on, did you at least believe it was real even a little bit?

Ward :wave:

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sheldon said:
Where do you get the decals from??
Thanks for the kind words guys. The round numbers (and bumper 55) are from Radical Decals which several folks here use. The Ford ovals and the Motorcraft logos are from some OLD stock I have, made by PCM in a series of 1:64 stock cars from the 80's. and the Hoosier and Fram came from a JL decal sheet that came with the 1:64 yellow Mustang convertible kit cars
Looks cool...I like it. I wonder if greenlight is getting any ideas from this :)
dockchecker said:
nice! let me be the first to ask, how much?
Hey Dockchecker, if you mean as in "for sale". you crack me up! I think I may be the only one here that actively trys to buy customs from this board. Thanks for the kind words though. You made my day! :thumbsup:
Excellent work, Ward!
VERY NICE CUSTOM! And Yeah, you had me there for a minute.:tongue:

Roy in TX.:)
Nice job STANG, and good pics ta boot, Ok I admit, I thought it was going somewhere, just didn't know where :freak: ZF :thumbsup:
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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