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Dave, why is it you lock a thread AFTER you make one-sided retorts?

You can lock this too, but I just want to address some wrong facts you attributed to me.


My Iron Man example was about the movie doing well (in context to the discussion about movies being a "hit"), not the model. I don't know how well the model sold (but I bought both versions myself). Might want to read that passage again.

I made no assumption about what sells well for you. Care to correct that false assertion?

My point was not about the "number" of products any company sells. It was about how the company interacts, and listens, to it's customers.

I never said you "really need to make this model", I stated you "might" want to consider "thinking" about it.

I don't like your attitude, never have. If you are too over-worked to do the model development and represent your company here then maybe you should do only one, and let someone else do the other. I manage, and work on, upwards to 15 projects at any given time, but that doesn't mean I can have an attitude when talking to customers (both external or internal) because I'm tired or stressed, nor should I. I would be let go for behaving in such a fashion.

You do tell it like it is, I'll give you that.

I know getting the Lic. for GL would not be a cake walk. And I know having a movie version would be more difficult than the "branded" comic version. Frankly, I don't care which version was ever done. I would probably lean towards the iconic comic version just because that's what would be in style with the other kits you're doing, and what's come before w/AURORA. I never said the model needed to be based on the movie.. just that the time was right for a GL model. Talk about making assumptions.

Movie is not going to open until June, 2011, not December.

Don't get me wrong here, I think your kits are awesome. And I understand the anguish you endure hearing want list monthly. To me though, this was more than a typical "want/wish" list. It was more of a "If any company was EVER going to make a styrene kit of GL, then the time is Ni, and the company with the current DC models rights (Moebius as it so happens) should be the one to consider it." alert. Anything understood more than that, is purely assumption, attitude and general personality traits by anyone reading more into what I've stated.


How did Iron Man turn out Geoff?
You seem to make some assumptions regarding what does and does not sell well for us..

Unlike your company, we are not making only four core products We make more like 14-18 ALL new products each and every year and every single one is a gamble.
We do our best to select subjects that will sell because we need to make 10-18 more new products again next year....and our customers won't keep putting our new product on their store shelves if the old ones haven't sold!
There is world full of folks like you out there who have what they believe to be strong arguements for projects that we really need to do.
I trust Frank's judgement regarding new products, and I know what we have and have not discussed for 2010.
You don't like my attitude, that's ok.. My "attitude" is based on this list I have of about 13 projects that I have to turn into plastic kits between now and next December! With the certain knowledge that the list is going to grow between now and then.
My attitude is driven by the deadlines I need to keep if you guys are going to get the kits we've promised you already.

I tell you the way things appear to me as truthfully as I can.
Model kits tied to movies are VERY risky. They require comitments to tie up a bundle of money in a license and in developing and producing a kit on the gamble that the movie it's tied to will be a big winner.
THEN you have to hope like all hell that you can get it out in time for the theatre release of the movie. Or something close to that time!
AND The studios NEVER give you enough time I have been there and done than and Iron Man is a prime example....
With the Green Lantern movie that we've "discussed " here we have production starting in March? That means that we MIGHT see the costume that the kit will be based on by the end of March maybe not till April if they don't drag their feet until May!
Let's say that everything goes perfectly (that's never gonna happen trust me!) and we get everything we need from the licensor in March.
That gives me 7-8 months to get finished kits on a boat for november arrival to assure kits in store for the December opening
The sculptor takes 30-45 days the studio takes 2 weeks for approval
The mock-up another 30 days then the studio takes another two weeks to approve it -
Tool making takes 90 days and two-three weeks for the first test shot to be shipped over here and comments made -
Then tool adjustment and a second test shot sent to me is another 30-45 days - If we're good to go after the second test shot we have 45 more days till the production item is ready to ship at the factory this is 304 days AND the kits are still sitting in China not on store shelves in the USA
8 months that we had from March to December is 240 days...
Oh and I'll promise that the licensor won't approve the first Pose we want to ue - that's a delay - they won't approve the first sculpt and we'll end up spending a month getting it right or they won't like the first test shot so forget keeping to the schedule at 304 days!
Now which two or three of the other kits that I'm trying to get to stores this year do I let slip while I try to get this one done ......Then what happens if the movie bombs?

If/when we do a Green Lantern kit I'd say that the odds are much better that it will be a comic book kit and it'll be at a time that allows it to be done on our normal schedule.


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The point is that GL is as risky as Iron Man.
You may have been refering to the movies. but that's not exactly what you wrote
I'm not discussing the sucess of movies.
I'm worried about the sucess of model kits.
I read coments and I answer questions. You don't like the way I answer questions that's your right.
I tell it as nearly like it is as I can because whenever I don't these threads become long litanies of yeah but why can't you do this or that differently.

So now you say that the movie is a June 2011 release.....that makes a kit more possible...
In your first post you wrote that the movie would start production in March for a Dec10 or early 2011 release I just went back to check and make sure.... I answered based on that post...
Even if the movie is a June release, since we don't currently have a license for the Movie, I wouldn't say that there is plenty of time to get a kit done for that movie...

I closed the thread because the answers had been given regarding the possibilities of a Moebius Green Lantern kit and the last several posts to the thread were more about your personal dislike of my attitude than about the prospects for Green Lantern kit!


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So, are we done NOW?
I think that there is nothing good to come from keeping this thread open!
A Green Lantern kit may come along from Moebius sooner or later... wheter or not it has any connection to a movie...
Time will tell...
I'm going to close this thread now

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