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Decided to do a little hunting this morning and came up big, went to local TRU, got 2 Dodge Rams, 2 Charger SRT8s, 6 Mysterys (only found ONE ever before), a Poison Arrow (never seen this one before), a Blue redline Pontiac Firebird, a 2004 FE Off Track, and a 2004 Final Run Ferarri 308. Then went to Target and found a bunch of Easter 6 packs, got one with a Champagne Chevy Nova, Red Concept Camaro (needed both), the blue/purple flamed '67 Camaro, and a Roadrunner Taxi. Great morning!

Here's the mystery's:

Black Plymouth Barracuda
Red Pontiac Bonneville
Burgundy C6 Corvette
Yellow Bugatti Veyron
Silver/Red Dodge M80
Gray Side Draft

Those first 3 more than made up for the last 3!!!!! :p
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