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Accusplit Eagle AE920HRM Heart Rate Monitor Description

This easy to use strapless heart monitor, worn on the wrist, is perfect for individual or school activity programs. Unlike other heart monitors, this new device allows you to retrieve your heart rate at any time, at the touch of a button, while you use the other stopwatch and training features and functions. Great for school activities, allowing more time for learning and activity and less time suiting up students with cumbersome straps. ACCUSPLIT, a leader in stopwatches and pedometers for over 30 years, is proud to add this new training and educational device to its already powerful line of stopwatches and pedometers. You can count on ACCUSPLIT quality, engineering, and accuracy from all our products, as well as our well known support and service. Heart rate at touch of silver buttons. Heart rate displayed in 5 seconds on demand. Advanced detection and processing for EKG accurate heart rate computation. Comfortable all day-no chest strap needed. Time of Day, Time of Day Alarm, Stopwatch, Timer. These Are Unisex Wristwatches. HAPPY BIDDING

Compare Prices Anywhere Else.
$69.95 to $86.99

Our Price Is $59.00 Shipped with perating Manual $49.00 Shipped without operating manual.

These Heart Rate Monitors, Are Very Easy To Set. You Set Them, Just Like Regular LCD read Out Watches.

Discounts available on quanities.

Thx All!
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