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A large handful of people in the Grand Rapids area know who Bill Bridges is, and many of you supported him last year at the benefit race in Flat Rock. We are not trying to keep people from going to Flat Rock, its an awesome track down there and the event itself is a blast... and anyone who can go should go you won't regret it, we will be there in full force. Our race is nothing more than a Saturday race but we are going to take 100% of the proceeds and give them to Bill and his family plus we're going to have free hot dogs... what more reason do you need to go race? For anyone who doesn't know Bill its simple Bill is a great guy, a great promoter of the sport and at some point in time you have had a mentor or someone who helped you work your way into rc racing, for many people that mentor was and still is Bill. For those of you that dont know Bill or the cause this will help, (borrowed from the 3BR 2.0 race page)

For those of you who don't know Bill Bridges, he is not only a TLR team driver, but also a friend, a father, and an asset to the R/C community. Bill has been racing for over 18 years and has played the role of team driver, hobby shop owner, and racetrack manager.

Last year Bill was diagnosed with colon and liver cancer with no medical insurance to help cover the costs. While Bill is still fighting strong, the 3BR 2.0 Bill Bridges Benefit Race has been organized to provide a great day of racing as well as raising money for Bill and his family.

Friends say, "Anyone who knows Bill knows he always goes out of his way to help a fellow racer." This is a chance to give back to Bill and the entire Bridges family!

Here's the deal, the fine folks at Battle Front Gaming and Rc have generously allowed us use of their track for the afternoon so we can put on a race program. Your race director Jason " Lawndart" Reckner had the honor getting to know Bill many years ago and he is the reason i have the RC addiction that he does, and is the driving force behind the whole idea. The races will be called by the one and only Joe "Rodeojoe" Putra, he can't drive but he can sure tell everyone else how to do it. So you're all thinking oh great a race for a cause yeah I guess I'll go ... How about we seal the deal for you? Free Hotdogs! Scott Russeau of Russeau Racing and Restoration has generously donated all of the ingredients to make hot dogs for anyone who wants one, any donations from the hot dog cookout will also go directly to Bill and his family.

Okay get to the meat and potatoes what kind of program are we gonna be running? Well rain or shine we will be running off-road and here are the basics

Doors Open at 9am, Racing will begin at 11am
$5 dollars per class or $15 to run as many classes as you want.

Stock: (stock will be 13.5 and higher motors)
Short Course

Modified: (Mod will be 10.5 and lower motors)
Short Course

4x4 Short Course

3 cars makes a class so if 3 Kyosho Blizzards show up and want to run we will run a class... its all for a good cause so let's have fun.

How about another kicker... DASH FOR CASH RACE!!!!

At the end of the night we will run two dash for cash races, one stock, one mod, truck buggy you name it its on. 2 dollar buy in and we will run as many cars as we get. More to come on that later but winner takes half and the other half goes to... I hope you can figure it out but for the slow readers out there Bill Bridges and family will receive the other half of the money.

Stop in to Twisted RC at their new building and with a donation get your name hung on the wall to show that you support the cause and are going to put cancer a lap down.

Stay Tuned for more information about the event, and invite your friends there's no better reason to get out and race than to do it for a good cause.
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