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I recently uncovered a small cardboard box that had a few models within that were made by the company Gowland & Gowland (1953). The green 1913 Mercedes Benz may have been altered some as I don't remember exactly how I came about getting this model. I think I traded for it and it was missing some parts. The same was true of the 1952 Ferrari as it is definitely missing the windshield and the knock-off hubs.

I painted and built these models around 1955, so they were extremely dusty and dirty. I cleaned them up now and have reattached some parts that came loose.

I sure hope there are some folks here who can identify and shed light on these old models as I remember putting them together but not much else. That was 51 years ago!!!!!!!!!!

What I am wondering is:
how good a model company was (is) Gowland & Gowland?

Was it a forerunner of Revell?

What else is significant about this company if anything?

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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