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Gotta Love a Quickie!!!!!!!!

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This was just a quickie i whipped up last nite, didn't turn out to bad for not touching a Airbrush or doing a kustom in about 3 years!!! Just taped off the silver on the factory truck and shot it with a PRETTY Blue leaving the factory pinstripes and black then shot it with a coat of clear. I thought some more agressive tires might give this truck the look it needs for how TOUGH and POWERFUL it really is, now its ready for some mud and snow. Also added was the 5th wheel ball and hitch pin to pull the Action trailers. LMKWYT

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awesome. What scale and what diecast?
Its a Motormax 2004 F350 Harley Davidson Editon in 1/64th

What donor wheels did you use No Ice?

Really nice work indeed. :thumbsup:
I dont remember which casting it was for sure but is was one of the MILITARY MUSCLE MACHINES (DUKK maybe) i got a ton of them at target for .49 Cents on clearence about 5 years ago then some more for $1 at dollar general a little over a year ago. Pretty nice tires actually especially for a buck and under.

Thanx to all Who replied!!!! & those who looked!!!!
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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