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Hi All,

I know how much everyone likes the term .."Holy Grail"... but I'm going to use it anyway :tongue:

Last week I was able to make a deal for the one lone "M2 1:64 "Chase" piece that was missing from my collection, my "Holy Grail" to be exact.

Back in 2010, Collectable Diecast did a special M2 promo '66 Shelby Mustang. The regular release is 1 of 492. They also did a 1 of 108 "chase" version. To date, I know of only a handful of "chase" versions that have been released to the "collecting community". I have had the regular version for some time, but the "chase" has been impossible for me to get. That is until now .....

I'm happy to say that the "Chase" is now in my collection ! ! ! What a perfect way to celebrate Shelby's life :thumbsup: I'm stoked to have this. Now all I need to find is a new M2 "Holy Grail" to search for. LOL :p

Well take care and have a great night all.

1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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