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Got an odd ToysRus White Zingers5 pack today

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A little odd.But I'll take it
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Would work perfectly for me if I found it since I wouldn't need to round up the regular issue.

But I don't collect Zingers so I would trade it away for sure! :wave:

Congrats on the find!
Strange looking piece there. Great find!!!!!
I took a little time to check it out.The pack comes open real easy,no tape holding anything together.I checked the ties that hold them in place,they all look original to me.If someone was trying to mess around with someone,I'm gladd it was me who is being messed with.
Why would you think it has been messed with?
j3jackson said:
Why would you think it has been messed with?

Becasue there are two Corvair's in the same packaging
Exactly!2 Corvairs in the same box,white and regular.
Great find!!!!!! That car still doesn't make sense, but I would take it. :thumbsup:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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