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goracing87g (Thom Barth) is a bad trader/seller.

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goracing87g (Thom Barth) is a bad trader/seller.

I bought a Kyosho Mini Z from him (5/25/03). We agree that I would pay half now and the other when I get a tracking number as proof of shipment. Then he told me that he really needed the money. He said he will ship the mini z by priority mail on Tuesday (5/27/03) since Monday was a holiday. I believe him and paid him in full (big mistake).

It took him a 1 week to ship it (6/02/03). He didn’t even ship it by priority mail like he said. I got it a week later (6/09/03). Now I just got and it turns out to be the fake cheap imitation mini z (Hei Pao) from ebay. They go for $10 on ebay. Before I even paid him I ask if it was a real Kyosho Mini Z. He told me yes. I paid him $75 and I got a cheap $10 imitation.

I was hesitant at first since he was a minor, but he assured me he was trustworthy. He gave me a link for a feedback from a person, pancarman01, giving him a positive feedback. It turns out to be his brother. I found out after talking to his brother. He tried to sell me a XX4, the same one pancarman01 is selling .

Do not deal with him. He will just rip you off like me. I have emails, as proof, of everything. I will try to get a refund from him. I will post back.

Here are pix of the cheap imitation mini z that I got from him: http://photos.yahoo.com/bc/i_r_azn/...order=&.view=t&.done=http://photos.yahoo.com/

[email protected]
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anyone else have any feed back on this guy?
I just called him to work on my refund. We work something out. I'll keep you all posted.

[email protected]
wow..I almost made a big mistake...had a deal made with him on some
foam tires..took him for his word even though he was kind of vague
on the description and qaunity i would recieve...was gonna mail payment
today...read this just know....saw at top of thread from pancarman01
giving this guy good feedback...know learning its his brother?.... :mad:
this is what gives these boards a bad name....Thanks for the warning..
was gonna mail a money order in less than 30 min's of reading this
I hope the administrator see's this and decides on wether these two brothers should be banned....
The XX4 actually was sold to him from me. I sold it to him (Tim) way back in like february. I made sure ALL $150 was in the Paypal account before I would ship. I know a few other people on here had problems with him in the past, I was leary with the deal but he paid immediatley and I had no problems with him in that deal. I know its the same XX4 becasue the link showed the body on it, the body that I painted at the 2002 Lansing MARS race in Lansing, Michigan.

Good luck guys, I hope you get your money back. Don't view this as neg feedback, take it for whats it worth good or bad. I just gave the honest truth of my dealings with him. Pancartom as his brother I have no idea, I think one of them used to go by the handle "hotrod18", which I think was banned some time ago. :(

Make sure to keep us posted and updated on this please! Thanks. :)
I have read a couple of different post about your trading habbits
You need to get them resovled ASAP
Also why did you switch names ?????????
You are on the merge of being banned
FIX it now

i sent a refund through papyal last night
Why are you using 2 different names on here ???
Who did you send payment to and why
Cassy how about you take my name outa this mess.. See The 1st post? I did not post that.. MY Bro Found out my password and posted that from my name so he would get the trade for the mini z.. I have learned this stuff the Hard way i Tryed to tell him.. and he went on doing nothing.. I MY SELF will Make Sure EVERY one will get there money... So can Some one Pls Drop my name outa this.. I Tryed to tell himm... but he did not listien... There Was a Payment of $40 go to for the mini Z the rest will Come.. I will make Sure of it.. I have Traded with Cassy before no probs thro there....
Promatchracer and all - I did receive partial payment (refund) from goracing87g. One payment for $6.21 and anther for $40. We are still working on the rest. I will keep you guys posted.

As for pancarman01 (Tim – Thom’s brother) he is correcting this matter. He is helping me get the money back. When I posted the first post I didn’t know that Thom used his brother name to post that feedback. Thank you pancarman01 (Tim) for helping me.

[email protected]
Thank you for Clearing that up.. I will Make Sure that thom does send the rest of the money.. Thanks agane
Tim Barth :thumbsup:
Tim is also hotrod18 and who know how many other names he has on the boards
Dark_Alliance said:
Tim is also hotrod18 and who know how many other names he has on the boards
this sounds too familiar, I wont add fuel, but can sympthasize with the situation(s).
thought the act had long been cleaned up.
email for details if wanted / needed.
Hey as i said we cleared it up so forget it .....
Ummm To Bad i never sold any one some subs... so quit your Fen Scames.
ok this is over so stop the crap no he never sold any one any subs and yuou a a con for doing this
maybe just maybe somebody gets tired of one name and wants to make another one dont take a fricking rockect scientst to figure that out Enstien :dude: So get over this cause ts oooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr that spell over /done/no/more
guilty, you con shaddy person you

theres rules against makin a new account or cant oyu read and thats why you do what you do
Well, here we go gentlemen.

I have banned 4 different user names from this deal.

I am going to let you in on a little secret......I don't really think Tim has a brother named Tom.....why????? They are using the SAME dialup internet access........MULTIPLE TIMES!

So far......Tim Barth has 4 different accounts to access HobbyTalk.......the true scammer.

IF ANYBODY MAKES A DEAL WITH either of the "Barth Brothers"...you do so at your own risk!!!

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