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Goodwill Find - Ya Baby

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Stopped by the local goodwill store tonight on the whim, and look what I found for $5.00. :eek:

Omega (aka Dave)
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Omega said:
Stopped by the local goodwill store tonight on the whim, and look what I found for $5.00. :eek:

Omega (aka Dave)
VERY nice score. Tell me is that the TV Guide Petty car or the Tyco?
Oh My friggin' GOD!!!!!! :freak: :eek: :eek:

I'll bet you're not planning on parting with any of them either,eh? lol
Oh c'mon, rub it in, give us some close ups.

The first place I ever walked in looking, I found a $10 box that was maybe 1/10th as good as that. You buy a lottery ticket too?

Cool find and at a great price - that's .46 cents per car - you lucky dog. I'll gladly buy any at $5.00

Five bucks!? You must have been twitching all the way home. Would that be a "holy grail" hot rod coupe in black I see?
That has to be the best find...EVER
I meant it, there has to be about 600.00 worth of cars there.
Holy Crow! Nice haul.. I agree with Ed that is by far the best 5 buck haul I have ever seen on this or any other board....and take the advice get a powerball ticket NOW....


(Then do not forget your friends at hobbytalk when you win.)
oh dang.

i NEVER find stuff in Goodwill or Salvation Army anymore.

this is not to say I dont look...

very sweet haul.

Holy Slotcars..
You must have hit a portal to the past dude.That is one of the best scores I have seen.. Hats off to the Bargain of the century..

(Dang now my keys are wet)
Yeah, here in Pittsburgh, lots of back-door shenanigans (sp?) go on at the various second-hand stores here. I used to find nice lots like that.

BTW...Madsapper, that Petty Charger is a Tyco, not Afx. The Petty mail-away has the roof stripes touching the 43. Tyco's don't.

But definitely a nice catch. If that's a genuine black hotrod, easily over $600 worth of cars.
Luckiest guy of 2007 by far on this board.... :drunk:
I can't wait for the day when I stumble across a find like that. I only hope it's in this lifetime. :eek: rr
Run down on the cars.

Pickup - Nice but broken rollbar
F1 - Mint
Woody - Mint
Panel - Mint
Good Humor truck - Mint
VW - Mint, might be from RRR
Petty Charger - Body Mint, needs tires
TJet Charger - Body painted gray primer, missing bumpers
55 Chevy - Missing bumpers and hood scope
Cheetah - Mint
Black Hot Rod - Somebodys repop.

Now can someone tell me who made the Black Taxi?

also picked up a few red lines and 6 original toppers. Looked like all the stuff came in together. Going back tonight to see if I missed anything in the box. The Petty charger was mixed in with the diecast cars. There had to be a good two hundred cars in the box. After I found the AFX case on the bottom, I needed to leave.

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Nice haul...
Those kind of things are few are far between these days...
BTW, do you do any racing up there in Westminster?
Omega said:
Now can someone tell me who made the Black Taxi?

Not sure as the picture is kinda small and I haven't clearly seen the chassis, but my guess is a Jaguar from Minic Motorway
Score - Dave 2 for 2 visits

Well I stopped by the GW store last night to see if I missed anything. Went over to the toy section and the huge box of diecast was still in the same place. So, I got an empty box from one of the lady's that worked there and one car at a time went from box A to box B. Here is what I found. 3 more original toppers. Oh I almost forgot, 1 AFX VW Thing painted red, 1 AFX black 32 Coupe - Mint and a Tyco Petty Buick, Body is in good shape but the hood and roof numbers are messed up.

BTW - The Black Taxi Mercedes Benz is made Bauer.

WOW Bauer are finely detailled and kinda expensive
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