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Located in Hong Kong, Golden Wheel Diecasting Fty Ltd began making diecast in 1989. The had an American base of operations located in Iowa City, Iowa. Early offerings were a (5) pack set of cars marked made in China under the name of "Super Sports. So far, (2) Identified castings from this set also have an 'HW' prefix as part of their base casting information. Another unique design detail, is that they used golden wheel hubs for their wheel sets, instead of the traditional silver. Leading to the now common practice of referring to these castings as 'Golden Wheels'.

In 1993, they issued the "United Racing Stock Cars" series made up from generic car bodies. Canasia distributed them in Canada. Another noted offering of "Top Up" contained (3) 1:64 scale models with 'speed style' wheels, but the package was for (1) 1:43 scale sized casting - as was described on the card front! The "American Cruiser" line was made up of fire, police, and taxi vehicles that were mixed with vintage and contemporary cars of the era. Another line up contained semi-trucks and trailers with different corporate logos.

It is understood that Golden Wheel also made the 10 car set commonly known as the "Valvoline 10 Most Wanted Cars" promotional offering. These 10 castings have Valvoline cast into their bases along with the (made in) China information that is typically found an a standard Golden Wheel casting. Ten years later these same castings were re-issued with the Golden Wheel name on their bases.

In the 2000s, Golden Wheel began offering their "Downtown Explorer" series. These castings had realistic looking wheel sets. Another series of more logo tampoed offerings; such as, the "Pepsi Team" was available on individual cards and in sets. These were thought of as the more inexpensive crude diecast design. Ja-Ru's also distributed these castings at the same time. As did West Coast Liquidators. "Super Wheels" was the name given to their 50 piece play set. It had storage trays, 7 cars and various signs included in the set box.

In the early 2000s, Golden Wheel was one of the companies that made diecast for Ja-Ru's "Real Wheels" series.

In 2002, they provided castings to Color Bright Toys for their licensed Penn State diecast offerings.

Around the mid 2000s, Goldyet were offering a two car pack of NASCAR racers available at Dollar General stores as "Super Racing" products that were identical to previous Golden Wheel castings.

Excite marketed a series of 1:87 scale Ford and Peterbilt trucks called "Classic Memories".

Golden Wheel also distributed 'HW' made castings.

Imex also carried a classic trucks series in their model railfoading offerings called "Classic Railway Trucks" in 1:87 scale size. The series is actually based on the same two Golden Wheel made models - a 1940 Ford and an early 1940s Peterbuilt in different liveries.

In 2003, a seris of 5 different "Pepsi" delivery trucks was offered. Another series distributed was the "American's Classic" series. These are the same castings from the 1990s "Valvoline" sets. They were also available in (2) car packs.

Schneider Foods based in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada offered their "Hot Rod Collectibles" using (3) Golden Wheel castings as a promotional offer - no date is specified.

Around 2004, Exite Diecast Corporation distributed Golden Wheel's "Classic Memories" series of vintage diecast American based model trucks and a Joy City made "Auto Transporter" set that came with 4 Golden Wheel castings from their "American Pageant" series.

In 2004, Gillette's Oral B toothbrushes teamed with Disney and both Golden Wheels or Summer to make a group of crude diecasts distributed with their toothbrush sales.

In 2005, EMRAD Creations Inc Seasonal Sensations of Canoga Park, California issued a (25) car play set with unmarked 'crude' type Golden Wheel diecasts called "Racing Machine". They also issued a licensed Kenworth and Peterbuilt NASCAR transporter set with (2) cars that are marked as Golden Wheel.

As of this post edit date - Golden Wheels is still in business and continues to develop, tool and produce their own castings. The company factories are located in Dongguan, the Peoples Republic of China. Officially licensed products include “Ford”, "Pepsi-Cola", “Mountain Dew”, “Seven-Up” and "Good Humor". Along with "American Airlines", "FedEx", "Garfield", "USPS", and others. The also provide OEM and private label products built to their customer’s specifications, which include “Kellogg’s”, “Crayola”, “Coca-Cola”, “BP”, “Shell”, and others.

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Today, I ran back through the "see also listings" for Golden Wheel and updated their brand association histories and links. :cheers2:
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