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Going *off the air*........

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Hi Gang
The home computer got a virus and was wiped completely out. Shop says they can not retrive anything out of it or save any of it. So, I'll be *off the air* for who knows how long. I'm on the comp at the library, they charge $5.00/hr to use. So they wont see me again! New comp is not even in the budget anytime soon. Take care and have fun!! Seeya sometime down the road.....
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if honda isn't using the very basic lappy I sent him some time back, this would be a good opportunity to "pay it forward" . I have an ancient desk top I would donate if someone can give me an addy to ship to.
Larry, that is real cool. good things do come to those who deserve it sometime. let us know if you need anything.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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