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Going *off the air*........

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Hi Gang
The home computer got a virus and was wiped completely out. Shop says they can not retrive anything out of it or save any of it. So, I'll be *off the air* for who knows how long. I'm on the comp at the library, they charge $5.00/hr to use. So they wont see me again! New comp is not even in the budget anytime soon. Take care and have fun!! Seeya sometime down the road.....
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Go to your local salvation army... might find something useful there.
Hi Gang
Last evening while talkin to a neighbor, who has a 2011 Challanger, he asked me if I knew how to get some stains off the paint of his triple black Challanger. Long story short, I tried a small spot, then showed him how to do it and got the car all nice again. He thought the car would need to be repainted, and was thrilled when the stains went away! This mornin he comes over and GIVES me his old WIFI capable laptop!!! So, for now I'm at least back on the air!

I appreciate everyones thoughts about how I could get back on the net.

Another friend I spoke with said he *might* be able to recover the files lost, but prolly not the programs, so he has the *dial up dog* to see IF he can get them back. If he can, that would be fantastic!! If not, at least he tried.

Larry. 1st things 1st. get Avast. the best free anti virus I've found. then get Spybot search & destroy. it gets rid of malware, probably what did your computer in. Both are free and excellent programs. This comes from my best friend who has been an IT guy for about 15 years.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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