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QSAC standardized the measuring system for the restrictor plates. QSAC is using go/no-go Vermont Gage Pins Class ZZ (+/- .005mm) 60 Rockwell Hardness; These are available on page 1392 of the MSC Catalog.

Part #88933304;.3330; 8.4582mm
Part#88933502;.3350; 8.509mm;
Part#88941208;.4120; 10.4648mm
Part#88941406;.4140; 10.5156mm;

Also a two head pin handle is available. Part#82931809

Go to mscdirect.com and search by using the part numbers, the page is no longer correct due to new catalogs.

I just looked all of them up, total price for 4 pins and two holders, $46.50, plus shipping.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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