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so here it is.
September 25th 26th 27th

Fri pits open at 12 noon
pratice starts at around 3 till dark
sat 3 quals. after we will be having a top speed run and a jump off.(distance)will be a 5 dollar buy in with payout to top 3 in each event. and thophy pic from K&D
Sunday will be mains as usual
we are doing trophy Pictures from K&D Action Photo.
these things are pretty sweet.
Classes will be
1/8th nitro buggy
1/8th truggy
Monster truck
These will be the only classes we will be doing trophys for.
1-5 in the A main
1-3 in the B
and 1st for all remaning Mains

we will be also runing 1/8th electric
10th truck and 10th 4 wheel.
ALL SLASH heats and Mains will be on saturday.

45 for first class
20 for second
10 for the3rd

if you are only runing electric 2 or 4 wheel cost is 20 and 10.
there will be no trophys for theses classes

Holland Speedway is no longer in operation so we will have the pits to ourselves. wich means we can over night park in the pits all weekend.
Bathrooms are still operational and we are trying to set up Brians mom to do some cooking for us
Remember no tent camping and no Fires

there will be alot of top Canadian drivers comming down for this race.
we are talking Losi ,Jammin,Kyoshoand Caster sponcord drivers.

we should be well over 100 entries .

as a side 1/8th scale , slash and monster truck are the main classes for this series.we are running 2 wheel and 4 wheel as filler classes with 20 dollar entrie fees.
but they will still; get 3 quals and a 8 to 10 min main on Sat and sunday
we run these classes every week and do not want to short change our club racers

hope to see you there
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