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Well here it is.

Glenwood R/C and All About hobbies will be joining forces for the future of R/C

We will be going on a joint venture to bring you a Year round 10th scale indoor dirt offroad facility as well an onroad outdoor track in the summer months
. Glenwood will be puting the track in the back the back of the 8 thousand square foot building With All About Hobbies putting a full line hobby store up in the front. The blacktop apron in the back of the building is aprox. 70 x40 for onroad. and possible oval. in the summer months.

there are three seperated areas in this building . one for the store one for the pits and one for the track.

Where is this building you might ask ??????
on Seneca Street in the town of Elma just miles from the Jamison road exit on the 400!!!! 10 to 20 min from just about anywhere in the burbs.

so this is it !! you all asked for it, so we bring it to you.
this is the next step in the grand plan of things. to put WNY on the map as a powerhouse of R/C.

more details to follow. so hang in there and get your gear ready. as we are hoping to be open for racing by the second week in nov. with a grand opening in begining in December.

also as a point of intrest Glenwood R/C will still be doing a full race schedual at Holland Speedway

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Very nice Drew! Looks like a great building. The track area sure is nice and bright! I'm gonna have to hook up the Himes boys and get up there sometime soon. :thumbsup:

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Looks Great. Can you post address, when you have time?


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address and classes

7120 seneca street ,Elma, New York

Practice nights will be Tuesday and Thursday 5-9
Price will be $7 bucks

Wednesday Racing will be $10 per class 2 heats each class and mains

Saturday Racing = doors open at 9 racing at 11:30
$15 for first class
$10 for second class
$5 for each remaining class

Wednesday night Racing doors open at 4:30 Racing at 6:30


Open Corr Truck= just that open with the exception of you must run a Corr truck tire and rim. and Corr truck body.(no tear away pannels)
these upgrades must be avalible for all at any local hobby store
in other words no custom tires or boddies

Stock Corr.= the only thing you are alowed to do is upgrade your Radio.
and the only motor that is allowed other than what came with the truck,
is a sport version 17.5 brushless.
no 200 dollar ecs with turbo or the ability to jack the timing the motor that comes with the blitz can only be run in a blitz and like wise with the sc10 and Slash!!!!

begginer Corr= this is for the racer in his first year of racing or under the age of 15. with stock motor rules applied from above^^^^^

any racer with 3 wins in the begginer class containing 5 or more trucks will be moved up to stock or mod.(racers choice)

Saturday Racing.

Open corr. (see rules above)
Stadium Truck 10.5 or 19 turn
2 Wheel Buggy 10.5 or 19 turn
4 Wheel Bugggy open motor.
1/8th electric buggy.(no truggy or mt) indoor tires only( inside job, pink taper, switch.)
no studs or pins(badlands,k2, hole shots,)
anyone driving overly aggressive will be asked to leave and will but the class in jepordy for everyone else.
all cars must meet roar specs for Tires , bodies, wings, and weight.
there will be tech!!!

we will be starting points at the first of the year . so untill then the rules will be inforced loosely

any of these rules are subject to change before the beginning of the season.
this would only be due to the safety of the racers and, or the preservation of the track surface.
once the season starts we would not change any rule unless we have a saftey issue

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Mike dont know if you will need a table or not.
we have enough pernamint pit spots for 36 people and overflow for 10 or more . some tables ,some higher pits like the last place ( stool seating.)

I dont know what to excpect. but i think we will have a full house this weekend:thumbsup:

so yes bring a chair:lol:

there is a outlet for almost every pit stall.

but a cord and 6 way never hurt
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