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We have started moving dirt for the new tracks at Glen Helen RC Raceway!!

We are now ready for those who have offered to help. 2 hours or 2 days, whatever you can do. Please call Larry at 909-373-5264.

Container for drivers stand will be delivered this week. We will need lumbar to build a roof. Anyone know how we can put solar panels on top of the roof for shade and power?

Pictures will follow soon.

What we need is water tanks 1000 gallons or more.

We have 1000 feet of hose donated thanks to Al Drake.

Water truck on loan until we get tanks installed would be helpful.

CHANGE TO WEEKLY HOURS FOR 1/10, 1/8 Scale Electric/Nitro Off Road.
Tracks are located at the Giant RC shops at 18620 Cajon Blvd., San Bernardino, CA 92407 (Devore area).

Open Saturday-Sunday 9am-5pm.
$10 Practice for the day per driver-you can run multiple cars.

“Try before you buy” We do have 1/10 scale electric cars/trucks for rent.


GIANT RC has a new feature in place to keep everyone “in the loop” quickly by using the Must Go Mobile SMS Text marketing program. Just text “GO GIANTRC” to 20300. You will be notified of schedule changes, weather related issues and other news of importance.

More information: [email protected] or 909-887-9700
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