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thanks guys!

i was on vacation in france and got back awhile ago, but needed to catch up on a lot of things hence didn't get to make it over here as often as i would have liked.

on the topic of diecast, as you know up here in canada we don't get a lot of diecast brands other than what mattel gives us. JLs, GLs, M2s are all MIA up here. I don't mind buying off the 'net but i always have to factor in shipping costs. If i can get the car with shipping included for roughly the same price as you would find it on the pegs, then i'm totally ok with that.

Lately it seems i can buy GLs a lot cheaper than I can JLs off the 'bay.
As a result, you'll probably start to notice more and more that my collection will be growing in the GL direction. At the moment the GL stuff seems to be of better quality than the current JL FE line for what seems to me, the same pricepoint.

So it would seem that I've reached a pivotal point in my collecting habits again.

1997 thru 2001 - mainly HWs
2000 thru 2011 - almost exclusively JLs, sprinkling of HWs and MB
2011 onwards - GLs and Code 3s, sprinkling of HWs and MB

Thanks for the memories Johnny Lightning.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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